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How to replace your Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is typically located behind the glove box on most vehicles and is easy to replace.

We recommend you always refer to your Owner’s Manual or Repair Manual before you begin. The Manual should show you were the Cabin Air Filter is located and how to replace it. The instructions below are a basic guide on how to replace a Cabin Air Filter, and not a substitute to your Manual instructions. Don’t forget to empty your glovebox before trying to work on it.

 Tools needed:

  • Latex gloves
  • Philips head screw driver or flat head screw driver
  • Safety glasses

 Step 1: Remove the glove box pin

Open your glove box and locate this pin on the outside edge. Use your screwdriver to take the screw out, then slip the pin out of the hole on this arm. Put the screw in a safe place. Some vehicles will have a somewhat elastic band holding the glove box in place: you’ll need to release it.

Step 2: Lower the glove box

Most vehicles with a filter located behind the glove box will be accessed as follows.

Gently press in on both sides of your glove box to enable it to be lowered out of its casing. Be careful not to force the glove box down as there will be a limited amount of slack in the lateral hinges. Once down, the black cover behind it will be visible. This is where the cabin air filter is located.

Step 3: Remove the old filter

Located the tabs on either side of the cover. Squeeze them inward to release them.  Once the cover is removed, pull the old filter out slowly; it’s probably full of dust and dirt.

Step 4: Clean the filter housing

Check the filter housing for excessive dirt or debris and vacuum it out if necessary.

Step 5: Slide the new filter in

Before you put the new filter in, check the airflow arrow on the edge of the filter to make sure you’re installing it place properly. Once it’s securely seated, position the cover and snap it into place.

6: Put the glove box back

 Lift your glove box back to its original position and secure it by sliding the pin back into the hole in the arm. For a glove box using a band, put the band back in place. Then, replace the screw, and close the glove box. You’re done!




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