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How Does the Engine Control Module Work?

 The engine control module is an important part of a fuel injected engine, also called electronic fuel injection (EFI), which is divided into 3 main sub-systems: air induction system, fuel delivery system and the electronic control system.

The engine control module is part of the electronic control system of the electronic fuel injection, which also includes various sensors, fuel injector assemblies, and any related fuel injection wiring.

What are the functions of the engine control module system?

The most important function of the engine control module is to control the fuel mixture used by the engine. The engine control module determines the amount of fuel that should be injected into the engine. It collects various data and computes them to inject the exact amount needed. It also determines the right timing to deliver the air and fuel ratio to the engine. This specific timing process is called injection duration or injection pulse width.

The engine control module serves several functions beyond regulating and maintaining the amount of fuel and air that the engine needs to increase horsepower.

For instance, most vehicles have a built-in control system in their engine control module to manage idle speed. Idle speed is controlled through the programmable throttle stop. Aside from idle speed, the engine control module manages the ignition timing of the engine. This is done by adjusting the right time to spark the ignition plug, resulting in better power.

Likewise, the engine control module controls the variable valve timing, when the valves will open. This will increase the vehicle’s performance and power by maximizing the flow of air into the cylinder.

Finally, based on the data gathered by the sensors, the engine control module can control the engine’s speed, coolant temperature, throttle angle and exhaust oxygen content. 

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