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What is a transmission filter?

The transmission filter is a vital part of the system which regulates the pressure of fluid in the transmission. The transmission filter is located above the transmission pan, which catches any excess fluid, and below the pickup tube that connects to the oil pump.

 When to change a transmission filter?

Most automobile manufacturers recommend a transmission filter change every two years, or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. When you replace the filter, you should also change the fluid, and replace the transmission pan gasket.

 5 sure signs your car needs a transmission flush


Sludge and dirt can cause your vehicles transmission to shift roughly. If you can hear any strange noises or if you can feel vibrations when your vehicle is shifting, this means your vehicle’s transmission is dirty.

 Problems Shifting Gears

Unclean fluid can cause your transmission to lose its timing. If your vehicle noticeably shifts either too early or two late then it’s time to have your transmission flushed. For a manual transmission vehicle, you may even have trouble shifting into a different gear.

 Gears Slipping

A dirty transmission may also build up dirt and cause a lack of fluid flow, causing the transmission to slip. If your transmission fluid container is not full enough, or if the fluid is dirty, your transmission may have trouble building up the pressure it needs to stay in gear. This would cause your transmission to slip gears.

 Vehicle Jerking

Dirty transmission fluid can cause your transmission gears to shift too hard, thus causing your vehicle jerking or surging when it shifts gears.

 Vehicle Stalling

If your vehicle stalls or hesitates to move forward when you first start it and put it into gear, your transmission fluid may be full of dirt and other micro particles. A transmission flush may fix this issue. 

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